How It Works

What is is a live and interactive bullion auction website that allows residents of United States & Canada to compete for Gold & Silver Bullion Coins an Bars at discounted prices. auctions bullion such as the Canadian 1oz Maple Silver Round, the American 1oz Eagle Silver Round, the Australian 1oz Kookaburra Silver Round, the Chinese 1oz Panda Silver Round, the Mexican 1oz Libertad Silver Round, 1oz J&M Silver Bars, 1oz Engelhard Silver Bars, and 1/20oz Canadian Gold Maple.

Who can register and participate at is open to residents of the United States & Canada only. Users must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years of age.
A Credit Card will be required for registration, and players should have a PayPal account to take advantage of the "sell back" option upon winning an auction.

How to register at

New users should click on the “register” tab on the top right of the home page (

E-mail confirmation

Once you have chosen a username and have entered a valid e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail from us. Simply click on the link in the e-mail to get verified.

Adding your Account information

You need to fill out the following information in order to complete on a transaction. This information must be filled out before can ship your order(s).

  • First and Last Name
  • E-mail address
  • Shipping address
  • Credit Card information
  • Billing address (if different from shipping address)

Once logged in, you can go to the “my bullionbay” tab on the menu bar, then select “account”. This is where you can fill in your account details.
Duplicate accounts are not allowed at, and any user deemed to have more than one account registered will be banned, and their bids will be forfeited.

Changing e-mail address / password

You can always edit your e-mail or password from the “my bullionbay” tab on the menu bar. You will see a tab that says “edit email / password”. You must enter your current password to make any changes.

Buying Bids

Each bid cost $1.00 and you can buy bids from the “bids” tab inside the “my bullionbay” tab on the menu bar. Bid packs are available in 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250 pack increments.

How do the Live Auctions work?

Auctions are started several times each day, and once you have bids in your account, you are ready to bid on any of the live auctions. Each auction will require a fixed number of bids before it closes. You can bid unlimited number of times, choosing digits ranging from .01 - 2.39. You can increase your chances of winning by placing multiple bids, but this strategy game also includes evaluating the other players past bidding patterns. When the auction is full, a countdown timer will start, counting back from 60m to 0sec. When the timer runs out, our router system will run through the bids, and select the bid that is the lowest and also unique and announce it as the winning bid of the auction. The winning bid and winning player will be made public at each auction. This ads a social component to the game, which will maximize the enjoyment for all players. Each player who is involved in an auction will get notification when the auction has filled & countdown has began.

You can always see how many bids you have in your account, this information is visible on the top right of the home page and product page.

“It’s an exciting race to the finish, the bidder who has placed the lowest unique bid when the timer hits zero, and wins the item for $1.00”

So you think you can win? Our main goal is to administer the most reputable, honest, and transparent auction site on the web. Simply check our reputation by searching Google and YouTube for "reviews".

Bid History Box

You can enter an “items page” by clicking on its title of the auction. You can place bids on an auction from the item page. Here you will also find the "fill-up bar", it keeps a record of the number of bids placed and how many more bids are needed for the close of the auction and start of the countdown timer. A detailed description of the Bullion Coin or Bar can be found at the bottom of each item page.

At you can also purchase any of the items immediately without participating in an auction by simply clicking on the “buy now” button. This will add the item into your shopping cart.

I won, Now what?


As the winner of the auction, you have 3 choices.

1st Choice: Pay the final auction price ($1) + shipping and receive the item by expedited mail (6 Business days)

2nd Choice: Sell back the item to at the Buy Back Price (BBP). (Payments will be sent within 48 hours via PayPal)

3rd Choice: Trade the item for more bids. To calculate this, you take the Buy Back Price (BBP) and divide it into the bid price of $1.00. Example: If the Buy Back price of an item is $32, you would receive 32 bids. ($32/$1.00)

I lost an auction, any options?

If you participated in an auction but lost, you have 2 choices:

1st Choice: Walk away and try to win at another auction

2nd Choice: Use 100% of the value of bids placed in the auction towards the Buy Now Price (BNP). Example: David used 20 bids to try to win a Silver Canadian Maple 1oz coin that has a Buy Now Price (BNP) of $30.00. He has spent $20.00 (20 bids x $1.00). Unfortunately David did not have the winning bid. Now, he can use the $20.00 towards the Buy Now Price (BNP) of $30.00, pay the difference + shipping and receive the coin. So in this scenario, David would pay $10.00 + shipping and receive the coin.

Losing bidders have 6 hours from the auction end time to take action. If no action is taken, the choice of purchasing the bullion coin will be void. is the only live auction website that gives you 100% bid value towards the Buy Now price when you have participated and lost in a live auction.

What is the Buy Now Price?

The Buy Now Price (BNP) is set each day at 12pm Pacific Time. The Buy Now Price (BNP) is the price that a bidder can purchase the item for. Losing bidders also have the option to pay the difference between the Buy Now Price (BNP) and the dollar value that they spent in bids in the auction.

You can have a good time trying to score bullion for a few cents /dollars, but worst case scenario you can use the value of bids placed towards the Buy Now Price (BNP) of the item, pay the shipping, and await the item in the mail within 6-10 business days. BullionBay ships all winning orders each Friday only.

What is the Buy Back Price?

The Buy Back Price (BBP) is also set every day at 12pm Pacific Time.

The Buy Back Price (BBP) concerns only the winning bidder who chooses to sell back the won item to or trade back for more bids. The Buy Back Price (BBP) is how much will pay for an item that was won and now is being sold back.

Payments are sent via Paypal within 48 hours to the winning bidder. If trading for more bids, the bids will be available immediately.

Why do the Buy Now Price (BNP) and the Buy Back Price (BBP) Change?

The price of precious metals fluctuates daily with the market as shares are traded. Physical Bullion Coins and Bars always have a premium price over their paper counterpart. You can check the spot price of Silver and Gold on websites such as, and The symbol for Silver is SLV, and GLD for Gold.

Bidding on Bid Packs

Beside auctions for bullion, several times a week live auctions will be held for Electronics & Bid Packs. Winning bid packs saves you from purchasing them at the retail price. Only the winner receives the bids that were up for action.

Losing bidders cannot use the value of bids that they spent towards the retail price for auctioned bid packs.

Win Limits

In order to make a fair and fun place for all users, we have implemented a win limit for each user. Each user can win up to 15 auctions in a given week (7 days), and 45 auctions in any given month (30 days). This ensures that everyone gets a fair chance at winning.

Keeping up with your Account Profile

You have complete control of your account from the “my bullionbay” tab on the menu bar. Here is what you can do from this tab:

  • You can view your past transactions
  • You can edit your e-mail or password
  • You can edit your “account” information, ie; address and credit card number
  • You can purchase bids
  • You can view which auctions you are involved in, and if you are the highest bidder.
  • You can view all the auctions that you participated in. It will show you how many bids you placed, if you won or not, and what action you took once you won or lost the auction.

Payment Options

We accept Pay pal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express

Delivery ships all purchased items via Expedited Service, to be delivered within 6-10 business days to any location in the US & Canada. We have a standard shipping fee $15.95. The shipping fee includes adequate insurance and a tracking number for all items.
The flat shipping rate of $15.95 can include up to 6 Bullion Coins/Bars. This means that you are better off to “check-out” once you have accumulated at least 3-6 Bullion Coins in order to save on shipping fees. A separate fee of $15.95 will be applied to your shopping cart for orders that exceed 6 Bullion Coins/Bars to cover extra weight and added insurance coverage.