Welcome to BullionBay.com

Welcome to BullionBay.com.

We would like to welcome all our previous players back to BullionBay.com. We will be the premiere "lowest unique bid model" auction website, set to launch September 2017.

Lowest unique bid auction strategy game works this way; An auction is put up, let's say for a 1oz GOLD American Eagle Round, valued at $1,300USD. Players purchase bids in multiples of 25, and place the bids strategically on any of the available auctions. Each bid costs $1.00.

Players can place bids by choosing amounts ranging from .01 to 2.39. The player who has the lowest unique bid at the close of an auction wins the auction. This strategic game format is fun & exciting. You do increase your chances by placing multiple bids, but always evaluate who the other players are and their bidding patterns.

Here is an example: An auction is put up for 5 x 1oz American Eagle Silver Rounds, valued at $110 USD. Players start placing their bids.
3 players bid (.01), 2 players bid (.02), 7 players bid (.03), 1 player bid (.04), 2 players bid (.05) and so on - Once the required number of bids have been placed, our router system runs through the placed bids and determines who has placed the lowest unique bid. The winner in this example would be the player that bid .04, since it was the lowest bid that was also unique.

In cases where there is no unique bid, the 2 players with the next lowest bid split the winnings. Cash payments are made via Paypal to the players accounts.

The winner of the auction has 4 options. 1) Have us ship the items to them immidiatly 2) Store the item in their personal vault, to be shipped at later point. 3) Sell back the item at the buy back price. 4) Trade the winnings back for more bids.

We can ship up to 6 coins for $17.00USD, includes tracking number and insurance. Delivery is within 5 business days, and we ship out every Friday. Simply check-out when you are ready.

BullionBay.com is open to players from the following countries: United States & Canada

Questions? Please email us at info@bullionbay.com. Launch is set for September 17, 2017.